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Social Good Summit | Andrea Baez

After a decade of the Mashable event that happened on 92nd Street where leaders of the world talked about global warming, the United Nations Foundation organized a new kind of summit to do an emergency call out. The main message: the time of talking is gone, now is the time of action. Social Good Summit brought together speakers from different fields to talk about how important it is to take action and how each of us can do it.

Climate justice has become a mainstream thing.  But beyond the trend, climate change is now an existential threat and a hard challenge for future generations. The problem is that the majority of the people, even aware and concerned about climate change, think that someone else will save them.

The ones who are taking the lead in this fight are women and children. The perspective of young people is critical. Kids nowadays are more enthusiastic about the environment than adults. They are doing it because they don’t have any other choice. It’s great to have the ener…
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Trends of 2020 | Cecilie Mengel

I was lucky enough to get a couple of tickets to TrendWatching’s conference ‘Trends of 2020’ in New York City, which was hosted on October 1, 2019. TrendWatching is the #1 trend intelligence platform in the world.

The conference first covered what had shaped consumer expectations since 2018, the most influential consumer trends of 2019, and then moved into trends to watch in 2020.

One key takeaway from the conference is the importance of brands and companies looking outside their category and sector in order to thrive and evolve. This is also referred to as trend-driven innovation, which leads me to some of the opportunity-takeaways: cross-sector loyalty, reward sharing, reward engagement, and reward green living.

Starting with cross sector loyalty, NYC-based Hooch is a perfect example. The company is currently running a beta-test with 200,000 users, testing a new “coin” which consumers connect their credit card to. The idea is that users earn 10% of purchases back in TAP, the “coin”,…

Ad Week 2019 | Christina Kofron

Today, I had the pleasure of attending Day 3 of Advertising Week NYC 2019. Caught up in a whirlwind of advertising (shocking), tech, data, and you guessed it, people, I did not know where to look or what to do first. Luckily, I figured it out.

The first talk I attended was “Getting Ahead of the Data Curve.” Since I don’t have much to do with data or data mining on a day-to-day basis, this session was incredibly informative. It also appears that to big companies, I, as a millennial, have been pigeonholed into the demographic that is on the cusp of being “afraid” of companies’ data mining, while simultaneously understanding why they do it, and what they do with it. Truth be told, both assessments of myself are correct: I am equally intrigued, yet terrified of companies having my data. The reality is that there is no escaping data collection with the amount of technology in existence today, so we might as well understand how and why it’s being done.

What I learned is that companies love…

The LAGRANT Foundation Scholarship | John Holiday Stewart

This fall I will begin my second year of graduate level studies as a member of the Branding + Integrated Communications program. After several years, I decided that it was time to reset my career. The only option that came to mind was entering Public Relations (my undergraduate major). Diversity and inclusion is a major factor in the current world of communications. As a minority, I want to take advantage of any opportunity possible to assist in my pursuit of completing my studies and moving into the professional world of Public Relations. A major step was applying for and being awarded the 2019 LAGRANT Foundation Scholarship. Over a three-day period, I had the honor of attending 2019 Scholarship and Donor Recognition Ceremonies at the Cincinnati, Ohio headquarters of Proctor & Gamble. Led by key leaders from the LAGRANT Foundation, Proctor & Gamble and Citizen Relations. Career building and networking were the focuses of the event. 

Day #1 consisted of a Welcome Dinner and Q&…

NYC Media Lab | Jose Fresan

On September 26, the best projects on innovation in media and technology from the best Universities around New York City, came together at NYCCT to showcase their newest advancements in the NYC Media Lab annual summit.  When people think about media, they immediately think TV, magazine, news, etc. the classic set of media, however the media labs brings together projects that tests and breaks the limits of what media means. From AI driven experiences to emotional response analysis software, NYC’s Media Lab brings together the newest game changing possibilities in media and technology. The event was divided into the main Keynotes program, workshops and a showroom.

Along the program many prototypes and start-ups were presented, including: an AI tool to process raw video footage of news stories sorting automatically elements of the story and putting them together. A prototype of an app to help make NYC subway stations accessible to people who are blind by using live subway and voice over…