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NYC Media Lab 2018

I had the pleasure of attending NYC Media Lab 2018 which brings together all the top student innovators from Universities around the city. Being a student myself, I was excited to see what other students are learning and coming up with in other universities. It's always exciting to see your peers contributing to media and coming up with new and innovating experiences. At Media Lab you have a chance to network and meet so many other students and faculty which is really great. There were so many great ideas that I believe will really change the future of media and technology.

Ovee was created by two students who wanted to create a central and inclusive space for women to find the resources they need to navigate their sexual and reproductive health. At the website the users are protected with a privacy policy and their data wont be collected or used. It's a great space for women to feel comfortable talking about things they are going through or experiencing that might be awkward…
A few months ago I attended the Education Connect conference held by LinkedIn. I was excited to attend this conference because I feel education is extremely important but also necessary for us all to constantly improve and grow. As the society and the economy continue to change, education is also evolving and changing with it.

During the conference the speakers talked about how technology transforms the global economy, it is changing students, colleges, and the education marketers that serve both. The future of education marketing will constantly continue to change. Zoe Baird, who is the CEO-President of the Markle Foundation, says "The world has moved from an industrial economy to a digital economy." This really grabbed my attention because the digital world has become such an important part in all our lives and careers. In the digital world, things are constantly changing and you have to evolve with the change or you will fall behind. As students change, education will cha…

The Key to Empowering Employee Ambassadors is Good Management

There is a lot written about internal communications and how it is key to public relations. Many believe that employees are the best ambassadors for a brand. They live and breathe it day in and day out. They know it better than anyone and have the authority to spread the message. But for employees to be good ambassadors, they have to feel invested, not just in the mission and vision of the organization, but also in the people. And they have to feel invested in by the organization and the people as well.

Part of making sure employees feel invested in is making sure they have good management. Individuals who can direct them and make them feel valued and that they are, and the work they are doing is, important. Managers must also must know how to navigate nuanced situations and cultures, otherwise the entire dynamic falls apart. A talent for management isn’t something we are born with. It’s something we have to learn. That’s why I felt it was important to take a year-long course to learn…

Trust Me*: A look into Brand Trust in an Era of Distrust