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AdColor Future Conference, by Amber Jackson, BIC Class of 2015

Life changing doesn’t even begin to describe my experience as a 2014 AdColor Future. Yes a fully paid trip to sunny Los Angeles, CA was great but the real highlights of the AdColor Future’s Program came from the week long experience. The opportunity to learn and bond with forty of the top emerging multicultural professionals in the communications industry was enlightening. Their stories and advice gave me inspiration to apply to my current job and my growing career. I had access and exposure to some of the most successful, senior level executives in the industry. Often inaccessible, I had the opportunity to network and set into motion the beginnings of new opportunities, partnerships, mentorships and more. Education was also integral to the AdColor Future’s experience. Through the efficacy training I learned how to navigate industry issues faced by multicultural talent and forward my career through network building. Attending the conference gave me insight into some of the be

Advertising Week - On Purpose: The New Face of Cause Marketing.

“Purpose is the new digital.” This is the bold statement that Max Lenderman, Founding Principal at School, used to open his Advertising Week session “On Purpose: The New Face of Cause Marketing.” 20 years ago he says, digital was about banner ads, and people did not yet understand how it would eventually revolutionize our industry and the way consumers interact with brands. While still in its infancy, Lenderman believes that “purpose” today has the same power. Through the session, he shows that responsible brands, products and even advertising campaigns are simply more successful.  Less than a third of consumers believe companies are doing enough to solve social and environmental issues they care about, and a majority would not care if 70% of brands disappeared in the future. Yet, almost all of them would be ready to switch to a brand of similar price and quality if it supported a good cause. On top of it, consumers are likely to talk about this cause, or boycott a company for