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Social Good Summit | Andrea Baez

After a decade of the Mashable event that happened on 92nd Street where leaders of the world talked about global warming, the United Nations Foundation organized a new kind of summit to do an emergency call out. The main message: the time of talking is gone, now is the time of action. Social Good Summit brought together speakers from different fields to talk about how important it is to take action and how each of us can do it. Climate justice has become a mainstream thing.   But beyond the trend, climate change is now an existential threat and a hard challenge for future generations. The problem is that the majority of the people, even aware and concerned about climate change, think that someone else will save them. The ones who are taking the lead in this fight are women and children. The perspective of young people is critical. Kids nowadays are more enthusiastic about the environment than adults. They are doing it because they don’t have any other choice. It’s great to have
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Museum of Public Relations 5th Annual Black PR History | Ariel Taub

On January 30, 2020 I attended the Museum of Public Relation’s 5th Annual Black PR history event. As the second speaker pointed out in her introduction, “Black PR pioneers are simply PR pioneers.” However, it was very worthwhile to hear about key, often unaddressed, PR professionals. I enjoyed learning about how active change comes about through social movements and the key role PR has in these movements. The first speaker, Cheryl Procter-Rogers, drew on first-hand experience to discuss the evolution of the Public Relations industry and who it is comprised of. Procter-Rogers is well accomplished and has been a part of, and witness to, much of the early integration and evolution of black professionals in PR. She spoke of the main requirements involved in creating effective PR; research, planning, execution and evaluation, arguing these can be applied to our lives as well. She shared that, early on in her career, she had not always acted with intention, but overtime came to see hers

‏When Technology Meets Creativity: 4A’s CreateTech Conference 2019 Recap | Yimin Wu

‏Anyone, in any creative enterprise, ultimately needs to be a creative technologist— whether a strategist, developer, executive.  This might be the most impressive words I’ve heard in 4A’s CreateTech Conference, which was made by 4A’s President + CEO Marla Kaplowitz in the Opening Remarks. ‏4A’s CreateTech Conference is a forum for technologists and creatives working in advertising. It made me rethink about the relationship between technology and creativity. ‏As a grad student from Creative Track, we have been focusing a lot on how to come up with a big idea, which is considered as the origin of a good campaign. There’s nothing wrong. When we got an exciting great idea and was trying to put it on ground making executions, most of time we still limit ourselves to consider the more traditional way, like print ads, video, podcast, etc, because they seem more rational and executable. There’s nothing wrong neither, at least so far. ‏But did we notice the fact that lots of changes

What’s the Big Idea? | Jose Garcia

One night as I was looking for conferences in the BIC new microsite, one of my classmates popped up in our group chat and recommended a conference opportunity taking place the following night, Wednesday, February 26, 2020.  I immediately looked it up. At first, I was intrigued by the modality, but then, I decided to give it a try because of the nature of the event, a game show called, What's the Big Idea?  The show explores what is a big idea in an unconventional and humorous way yet educationally and intellectually. The topic of the idea, big idea, serendipity, aha moment, eureka, has always fascinated me—the source of inspiration, spontaneously or by research. The insight behind an idea or big idea, I can go on and on about this topic. So, I decided to go to the game show, What's the Big Idea? As I was traveling from work to the show in the Lower East Side on the F-train, and building anticipation for what to expect to gain from the show, I began to wonder about the co

Fast Company Innovation Festival | Amy Liang

‏Last week, the Fast Company hosted the fifth annual Innovation Festival. It was a four-day conference, and I was glad that I made it to one of the conference days. The Innovation Festival was an eye-opening event, and I had a great learning experience listening to various panels from the professionals of different industry. I attended four sessions that touched upon distinct subjects in the industry of digital media, campaign design, brand reinvention, and digital civility.     ‏Digital Civility and Kids ‏My favorite session among all would be the discussion about the child’s development and digital civility. The guest speakers were Tami Bhaumik, the VP of Digital Civility from Roblox, and Dr. Michale Rich, Founding Director of Harvard’s Center on Media and Child Health. I had several takeaways from this panel. With emerging technologies and digital devices, people now have a drastic change in lifestyle from decades ago, especially children. Growing up as a millennial, my pare

Video Strategy New York: World Forum Disrupt | Nicole Zizila

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell. - Seth Godin From the beginning of time, stories have been the way humans have shared information. Our degree of knowledge and understanding is built upon our ability to retain and recall. And thanks to the Internet, and especially the explosion of smartphone use, video has become the storytelling medium of choice for the modern era. It is fast becoming the most powerful communication tool on earth. And when brands harness the power of video to define their audience and tell the meaningful stories that resonate, that’s how they can win and deliver results. The Video Strategy New York: World Forum Disrupt conference on October 18, 2019 in Brooklyn, New York was an opportunity to see and hear how brands were forging new ways with video to grow their audiences and their businesses. Video accounts for nearly 80% of all online traffic, and is the most effective way to spread a message and build a f