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The Advertising Research Foundation: How advertising works today #ReThink16

Last Wednesday morning, I got the opportunity to attend The Advertising Research Foundation event Re!Think 2016 (part of the benefits of being a BIC student). I can say the experience was beyond interesting. People from different backgrounds in the industry gather together with analytics experts to present original insights and success stories.  The conversation started introducing the top 15 “winning paper” presentations (15 different topics from mobile and social measurement to neuroscience and video games). What I like about the event from the very beginning is how dynamic and unconventional it is. Each guest speaker had only 5 minutes to deliver their research which kept the audience all the time interested and wanting for more. “Complexity reigns. Clearly there has never been a more important time in the history of advertising to make sense of it all” -   Gayle Fuguit CEO & President The ARF. One of the most interesting take aways, comes from Steven Rosenbl

Journalism in the Age of Branded Content and Vice Versa

As a student of BIC masters program of Branding and Integrated Communications, I got a chance to participate in today’s native ad conference at The CUNY Grad School of Journalism. The conference was named “Journalism in the Age of Branded Content…and Vice Versa.", and was part of a collaboration between BIC, a graduate program at City College of New York, and The J-school to get a sense around this new age of digital marketing phenomena. Nancy Tag, director of the  BIC program , gave the keynote speech that kicked off a series of one-hour panels that focused on consumer attitudes, legal issues, and content development. With us this afternoon we had a great panel of a variety of actors within the the native advertising field, and we got to hear opinions from all ends of the spectrum. On the panel were for example  Steve Barret  from PR week, who represented the Public Relations side of the story, and  Jordan Teicher  from Contently, who gave us insights from their  recent

Social Media Week 2016

This year SMW started from talking about the future of communications. It is not a secret that social media became a crucial part of our everyday life. “ Average person checks mobile device approximately 30 times a day and that number significantly increases, ” said Michelle Klein, Head of Marketing for North America at Facebook, “ For younger persons it is 157 times per day that is 10 times an hour.” It seems like people really have fear of being offline. So what does it mean for marketers? Opportunities. Today we have millions of ways to connect people through mobiles. Considering the best technology communication, Michelle Klein mentioned four things: It makes what we are already doing easier, better and faster It is able to connect us through storytelling Connection needs to be more immediate, expressive, and immersive It is constantly adapting and constantly opened to changing All of that will help brands to be prepared for the future: