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Design + Diversity and the Advertising Industry | Amera Lulu

I had the fantastic opportunity to attend the Design + Diversity Conference in Chicago, IL, as a fellow.  The Design + Diversity Fellowship program identifies and supports​ emerging under-represented designers with a passion for making positive change within their communities as well as the creative industry​.​ It is a year-long program to provide mentorship, professional development, and access into organizations across the country​. The ​culmination of the fellowship is a self-directed​ local Design + Diversity​ micro-events, which I will be planning in the near future. 
 The three-day conference itself was hosted at Columbia College Chicago, and its speakers were from companies like Adobe, Google, Microsoft among others. The main focus of the conference was exploring proactive ways to make the design industry more diverse. However, not in the typical way you maybe think of such as diversity of race, gender, and place of origin. However, diversity in our industry in terms of maki