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On March 22nd, I attended the REMIX Summit NYC . The summit was a two-day conference that focused on technology, culture and entrepreneurship. It featured speakers from brands, businesses and non-profits to showcase trends and innovations in the industry. Co-Founder of REMIX Summit Peter Tullin set the stage for what was expected for the next two days. I had the opportunity to learn what it means to be a creative entrepreneur and seek out opportunities, innovative strategies and revenue among the target audience. Every speaker found a way to mix these three themes together and show how others can follow these steps into having a successful brand. Digital Content + Storytelling: Can You Hear Me Now? CEO of Mindshare Adam Gerhart started his presentation by asking the audience, "How do we think of voice in the age of assistance?" It's no surprise that AI is finding rapid growth in technology with the emergence of Alexa and Siri. This new wave of technology is makin

NYC Media Lab Conference

On September 27 th I attend the NYC Media Lab Conference at the New School. The NYC Media Lab gave a   glimpse of projects and talent in digital media from universities in NYC and beyond. The conference focused on thought-provoking discussions from industry professionals and   showcased 100 innovative demos. As an attendee found this conference to not only be entertaining but very informative.   The focus this year was on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Before this conference I didn’t give much thought to VR and AR.   But, after attending this conference it is clear that they will impact the future and longevity of many brands. Though the discussions were insightful, I really enjoyed the prototyping showcases. The showcases were filled with students from universities in New York and across the country to display their work that addressed data science, VR and AR. Christian Gurinalda, Verizon Open Innovation Director led the first session, Prototyping Showcas

NYC Media Lab - Sports/Media/Tech

Joseph Yoo I recently had an opportunity to check out the 2018 Sports/Media/Tech conference with a couple of my fellow BIC students the morning of March 6. Hosted by NYC Media Lab, Yahoo! Sports and Verizon at the Yahoo! NYC offices, the program covered several topics related to how brands are building relationships with their users in the segment of sports entertainment by utilizing innovations in technology. Basically, the rapid pace at which platforms are changing and technology is developing, they have become a tremendous vehicle for fans to connect to their sports in new ways. Just like other consumer goods or services, sports teams are brands, with people associating themselves with a team's brand proposition and values. With a growing number of fans connecting to their teams through streaming content in addition to live experiences, how do teams form a relationship with them? According to Christine Pantoya (SVP, Global Head of Direct-to-Consumer & Mobile Partn

#SMT2018 Sports/Media/Tech Presented by NYC Media Lab, Yahoo and Verizon

Since I love sports it was only right to attend the NYC media lab sports/media/tech conference. This event was held in a dope space provided by Yahoo. It was spacious and comfortable which was nice. Free breakfast in the morning is always a plus. To begin a 3 team panel discussed various areas of content around the realm of sports. Anything ranging from bite-size content, digital content, how users consume content, AR during sports games, partnerships with Verizon and the NBA. They explained many areas a user can receive content, especially sports fans. Deepen Parikh, a partner at courtside VC bought up a great point in regards to targeting the local fan in the area. He explained “ The local fan is the most powerful fan in sports” They are the consumers who will buy the premium package and really enjoy exclusive content relating to teams. The next panel highlighted consumer experiences in sports arenas and bridging the gap between live sports and gaming. Frank Nakano

2018 – The seven stories that rules the world – and the rest of the world’s best brand

Our very own BIC advisory board member and CEO of TBWA/Chiat/Day New York, Rob Schwartz came to campus to tell us an important story. The story of storytelling and how seven stories can drive any brand narrative.

Sports / Media / Tech at NYC Media Lab 2018

On March 6, 2018, Sports / Media / Tech debated that the future of sports will be driven by technology tools by combining media and communications, that will create endless opportunities for brands and companies to grow. From virtual and augmented  reality to streaming and 5G wireless, technological trends will change and will shape the way that brands communicate and approach sports, as well as how consumers see and interact with it. According to Christian Guirnalda, director of open innovation at Verizon, "Technology is going to change how you behave, it is going to change the way you look at data, how you consume and how stadiums are built". Indeed, technology has, nowadays, a huge influence in everything we do and, most importantly, in everything our target does. In a highly competitive environment where brands must constantly innovate and adapt, it is time for sports to embrace  technological experiences to reach its audience.  As specialists fro

Digital Marketing Masterclass 2018

Digital Marketing Masterclass Attended on 2/13/18 Digital marketing has become one of the most effective and necessary methods in reaching out to people with a brand’s message. At the Digital Marketing Masterclass, five companies and Grubhub as the keynote speaker, spoke to the audience about their variation of digital marketing methods and how they break through the clutter as the digital space has become inundated and a need for newer methods to reach people has surfaced. Each speaker had ten minutes to explain what their company’s services did in the space of digital marketing and how it benefited brands. Topics spanned from content creation and marketing to AI and social listening. After the five speakers, a rep from Grubhub addressed us with a 30 minute keynote about how they maneuver in the social media space. Below are the speakers and topics that were discussed. “A New Era for Social Data” Brand: Black Swan Speaker: Alex Gould, Senior Insights & Innovation