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Is winter coming for Google - in the form of Facebook?

This is a conference held by 451, an agency that is specialized on providing strategic creative, digital marketing and public relations campaigns. The presenter is Francis Skipper, who has over 15 years of experience in global digital marketing including search engine marketing, social media and digital advertising. At Agency 451, Skipper has built an industry leading digital team, developing award-winning global digital marketing campaigns for clients including AstraZeneca, Bob’s Discount Furniture and Ericsson. Francis is a renowned thought leader in the digital space; speaking regularly at industry conferences and events, as well as contributing to industry publications. Astonishingly, according to Forbes, the digital media giants, Google and Facebook, account for 65% of total social network ad spend - expected to reach $36 billion this year. And from 2015 to 2016, Facebook saw a 61% increase in ad spend. On the other hand, Google only saw a 20% increase in ad spend year ov

“IS WINTER COMING FOR GOOGLE? “ Report from an entrepreneur’s point of view

On April 27th, Francis Skipper, a digital marketing leader held an event to share his opinion and discuss the future of digital advertising. He started the conversation by asking questions:“Now that Facebook and company are getting more screen time than Google, will social networks be the ultimate winners in the ad game? Is winter coming for Google?”  There is no doubt that social media is playing an increasing role in digital advertising. With so many successful social media campaigns, companies are paying more attention to build their brand in a social media way. However, most companies don’t have the knowledge to analyze the trend or the money to buy data. So they started hiring social media interns to test the water. Even the big companies are kind of far away from us, but looking at the trend can definitely help us find the right direction and walk the path more confidently.  Then he shared some facts “According to Forbes, Facebook saw a 61% increase i


  BICsters be on the lookout for the application deadline (sometime in June) Last summer, I attended the Griffin Farley Beautiful Minds Program. It is a strategy & planning boot camp inspired to mentor young talent who want to break into the increasingly competitive advertising industry as strategists or planners. The program takes place at BBH New York and lasts for 4 days. How the program works: The first day is the networking day where you get to meet your group members (they randomly divide you in groups of 5-6 people), chat with aspiring planners and strategists just like you as well as industry well established professionals who are the speakers or program mentors. The second day is when the program officially kicks off. The day starts at 8 am with a series of great speakers sharing their own insights and experiences: how they got their first job, advice on how to transition into the industry, what are the best strategically driven campaigns and

#UnstoppableLatinas Leadership Summit

On March 27th, I attended the #UnstoppableLatinas Leadership Summit hosted by WebCityGirls, in partnership with 100 Hispanic Women National. Each panel contained women in leadership positions, within tech and media, and focused on the best ways to be a leader and help others become leaders. The main focus was success through collaboration instead of competition. By learning to unite and empower one another, we are pushing our way into powerful roles in business, marketing, etc. The purpose is empowerment and all we can do to raise the number of women in powerful roles, which are slim to none and the number is even smaller when looking at women of color in powerful roles. It is all about what you can do for me and what I can do for you. Through mentorship and networking, women will become unstoppable. Takeaways What was memorable to me was just how important women are in business. In the first panel, Powerhouse Latinas: Thought Leadership Through Purposeful Business, Liz

#UnstoppableLATINAS Leadership Summit

On March 27th, I attended the #UnstoppableLATINAS Leadership Summit hosted by Webcitygirls. The conference's theme focused on leadership told by multiple panels of Latinas in media and technology. Aside from the panels, I had time to network with fellow students and companies such as 100 Hispanic Women National, JCPenny's and La Musica. It's important for women of color to find inspiration and motivation from other women of color. It gave me the opportunity to interact with people in the industry and learn how we can unite, empower and learn from each other. A common theme in the summit was women empowerment especially in powerful roles in business, marketing, etc. Only 5% of women make up Fortune's 500 CEO roles. A small portion of that percentage relates to women of color. There were three panels that stood out to me: Powerhouse Latinas: Thought Leadership Through Purposeful Business By investing in women, we invest in communities. The panelists redefi