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Mapping the consumer Journey

“Mobile is more important than ever because it allows us to deliver at the ‘zero moment of truth.’ For our recipe sites, we see a spike in usage when the consumer is in the grocery store. You can’t get closer than that to the consumer.” B. BONIN BOUGH VP, GLOBAL MEDIA AND CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT MONDELEZ Mobile market experts discuss what it takes to successfully map the mobile customer journey. They identified the moments that result in breakthroughs that could be leveraged by brands and agencies. They also share the measurement solutions that could be used to gauge overall effectiveness. • Ultimately, they spoke on Why physical and digital touch points along the customer journey are vital to mobile advertisers • The five questions advertisers can now answer, thanks to mobile • Recent case studies demonstrating the benefits of a fully formed mobile strategy Consumer behavior has changed and the fundamental basis of competition has changed. Mobile can be used to market to and through

The New New ft. Scott Elias + lots of other interesting people

Two weekends in April, Scott Elias organized 9 speakers to come talk to us about their careers and experiences in advertising (or marketing). From a partner at a venture capital firm to an R&D lead at Johnson & Johnson, we were lucky enough to hear from a wide variety of perspectives in different categories. The speakers: o    Chris Paik – Partner §   Thrive Capital o    Spencer Rice – CMO §   SoulCycle o    Adrian Chernoff – R&D, Innovation §   Johnson & Johnson o    Stinson Parks – Digital content lead §   Mountain Dew o    Nicole Gill – Director, PR §   Formerly SKD Knickerbocker o    Rachel Tipograph – Founder §   Mik Mak o    Yoni Ben-Yehuda – CMO §   Formerly Blue Mountain Media o    Matt Cynamon – VP community management §   General Assembly o    Scott MacEachern – Founder §   The Wizdom Project In a time when every category is as saturated as ever, and anyone, anywhere, can launch their own business through the intern

What exactly is a mental six pack?

Location: General Assembly Date: Monday, February 1, 2016   The brain is a muscle just like all others in our body. You have to continuously work it, feed it, and surprise it with different exercises to reap any growth. Once you start treating it as such, and actively condition it for moments of adversity, you’ll have an improved sense of control, as you’re already primed and ready to handle it. This was highlighted during the General Assembly conference: "Get a Mental Six Pack."    Conference Description: “Anxiety, worry, beating yourself up... These are forms of mental fat -- redundant, unproductive thinking that slows you down. As a start-up entrepreneur operating in an environment of relentless change and uncertainty, mental fat is a luxury you can’t afford." This interactive program was presented by Renita Kalhorn, a mental toughness coach who mentors Navy SEAL candidates.  This conference emphasized three steps to a create a lean, agile mindset: 1

The New New : Injecting empathy in the work place

Location: City College of New York Date: Sat, April 16 th 2016 There were many themes that were brought up during the four sessions of The New New Class by Scott Elias. Hearing these speakers live, and feeling the weight of their words in person brought a meaning to them that simply can’t be captured in writing. Here I analyze Scott MacEachern, and Spencer Rice talk and see how empathy in tandem with business leads to surprising results.                 “Let empathy be your secret weapon.” -   Scott MacEachern Scott was dripping with honesty, and it was very apparent that when he mentioned this, “Let empathy be your secret weapon”, it was more so a plea, then a tool of guidance. He seems very aware that his creative audience as a whole was on the verge of becoming the next generation of important decision makers. With that, and through his experience working at Nike and his tumultuous time trying to get his ideas out, he was pleading with us to have the strength to

Going for Gold: Tips for Entering the One Show

If I have learned anything from grad school, it’s that you get out of it what you put into it. Which is one of the many reasons why participating in competitions really add to the experience. Other reasons include: something to add to your resume, another avenue of inspiration, or perhaps even, an item for your portfolio (I mean… who needs sleep anyways….)? This past semester I took Jason Stefanik’s class, Competition Ready. The class was entirely centered on The One Show , Young Ones Competition. One of the most acclaimed advertising, interactive and design student competitions, The Young Ones Competition , challenges students to compete in two briefs every year. This year, the briefs were Lego and a less defined brief that challenged students to tackle Gender Inequality.             My team worked incredibly hard and was thrilled when we learned that our entry “Effigies for Equality ”, a project that sought to give historical women recognition in Central Park, won a gold pe

Virtual Reality and Storytelling: Now and what's ahead

I had the good fortune to attend Internet Week 2016's "Beyond the Wow Factor: Storytelling and Virtual Reality" session held at Ruder Finn's New York headquarters. This was an appealing session for me given the communications industry's growing interest in virtual reality - the way people are talking about it now is reminiscent of the mid-2000s when social media was just starting to truly go mainstream. I still remember the rush from signing up for Facebook in 2006 when I got my undergrad's dot edu email address. Now, the internet has seamlessly integrated Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and other outlets into the mobile sphere. The next frontier will likely involve virtual reality. The panel was hosted by Ruder Finn Chief Digital Officer Scott Schneider. His guests included Sebastian Tomich, Senior Vice President of the New York Times' Advertising and Innovation department, as well as Norm Levy, Sales Support Engineer for Nokia , Joergen