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Immersive Storytelling Symposium (VR/AR)- A Future of Empathy & Experimentation Mark Arem 2/6/17 As I looked around the auditorium of the New School this morning, I was excited to learn more about the ins and outs of VR & AR technology, and how those technologies would bring the advertising industry to an entirely new level. Although I learned about interesting projects in the VR/AR space, the conference focused on the future of VR & AR, and how that future can impact our reality. The conference had a very academic feel to it, and it was a very lively conversation. For years of working in the ad industry, I’d heard that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality were taking the industry by storm, and each medium presented a new and shiny future. Like eating a pastrami sandwich & Dr. Brown’s black cherry soda at Katz’s deli, I was told by numerous executives that VR & AR would be life changing. The panels were very interesting, and the first one showcased a