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The Internet of Everything - Mobile Week - CTO Talks

In the near future all objects that you interact with will be “smart.” What does that actually mean? Objects like doorknobs, coffee makers, water bottles, etc. will be fitted with sensors to make our lives even more easy but more importantly they will be capturing data on us. The IOT, brings us to a data intensive method. The amount of data being gathered by those sensors will change the way scientists test. High processing industrial computers were created to simulate many processes to scale. In the near future we will not have to simulate, we will be able to measure what we want. SPIMES are objects that be aware of space and time. All sensors are SPIMES. This leads to the Big DATA evolution. What matters is the data, because now technology has become cost effective.  The Role of CTO has been integral to the success of a company but often the CTO has often been relegated to the kid’s table in the C-Suite. As technology has advanced to the point now that CTO is mor
Here's What You Should Expect From The Future of Mobile I had a chance to attend this year's Mobile Week 16 in New York City, is a conference, week-long series of events where the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, and executives master the skills behind the mobile revolution. Here is few important highlights that I like to share with you from the event. Whether you are interested in advertising or tech, I think it is important for you to hear about these.      Data Revolutions: “Every dimensions of our lives is going to digital.. " Chris Wolf”  Featured Talk: Bridging the Mobile Divide People are using more and more electronic devices every day and it is going to be more in the future. Connected devices per person are expected to be about 6 by 2021. The big data is behind the nowadays tech revolutions. For example, people were using the phone, Blackberry, to make calls or sends emails before the iPhones came along. People think that the Apple re

Catching The Trend--MobileWeek 2016

MobileWeek 2016 Date: April 12, 2016 Location: Helen Mills Theater 137 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001 Event: Mobile week conference & Expo Catching The Trend The trend in America now is mobile marketing. We should be making the best of this trend. How many people can live without their phones right now? Or how long can you go without checking your phone? “84 percent of people surveyed in a new time mobility Poll said they couldn’t go a single day without their mobile device in hand.” “One in four people check their phones every thirty minutes while one in five checks every ten. ”I am not talking about the mobileholic nor the fear of missing out, it’s more about the  connected modern life that mobile has given to us. MobileWeek 2016 is a conference, and week-long series of events across New York City where the Sponsor Universe invited 8 professionals specializing in mobile marketing to share their insights with the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, and e

Immersive Worlds 2016

I entered Baruch’s Immersive Worlds with no idea what I was going to experience. I left three with questions: -Who are you/Who am I? -Are immersive experiences the future of all advertising/marketing? -Are we living in the Matrix? One thing was certain, Immersive Worlds lived up to it’s name. On the journey to the lecture hall down some coiling staircases there were a few worlds open to explore. The virtual reality worlds included a tour of the human brain, a cardboard world, and an augmented reality art exhibition. Prior to the panel I had a solid notion of myself. I did not question my reality, accepting the world around me even though I had explored the human brain and walked around in a cardboard landscape. A facilitator handed me a Google Cardboard headset and before me there were skyscrapers made of hand ripped boxes, toilet roll centers and Paper towel towers. Looking up, down and around the lay of the land was all cardboard. The panel consisted of three distingui


On April 8th and 9th, Scott Elias orchestrated a series of conversations with leaders from different industries, all along the lines of disruption, transformation and re-imagination. The guests that participated in these conversations were really diverse and innovative in what they do, and they represented Thrive Capital, SoulCycle, Johnson & Johnson, Mountain Dew and SKDKnickerbocker. The New NEW kicked off with Chris Paik from Thrive Capital, who has invested in Instagram, Twitch, Warby Parker and Spotify, among others, and also conceived and incubated Oscar Health. As he discussed what makes a company successful and worth investing in, he mentioned two important factors: customer acquisition cost and customer lifetime value. The customer acquisition cost is the money spent to get a first time customer to try the product, yet there are also organic customers that try the brand without having been targeted by a paid tool. This way, organic customers lower the blended cust


I have attended 2016 SIPA Global Leadership Awards Gala took place on April 8th. SIPA's Global Leadership Awards honor individuals who have made innovative or extraordinary contributions to the global public good. Honorees exemplify the values and qualities that SIPA strives to instill in our students, and all proceeds raised provide critical fellowship support for the next generation of global citizens and public policy leaders. As the world's most global public policy school, its mission is both ambitious and powerfully relevant: to serve the global public interest by educating students to serve and lead by producing new knowledge on the critical public policy changes facing the global community. Former US Secretary of State and Treasury receives SIPA Global Leadership Awards. James Baker worked on FIVE election campaigns, Baker discusses his experience "delegate hunting" at a contested convention. "It's more complicated today,"he said,