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Fund Raising Day in New York My FRD Welcome Packet On June 22, 2018, for the third time in my life, I had the opportunity to attend the 2018 Fund Raising Day in New York (FRDNY) event. Previously, I attended the conference in 2016 and 2015. Typically planned in the month of June, FRDNY is hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and since its founding in 1960, AFP aims to foster the development and growth of fundraising professionals and to promote high ethical standards in the fundraising profession. The conference was attended by hundreds of leaders and professionals in the non-profit sector. If not all, most of the sessions offered that day had great panels of experts in various areas of the industry. 44 seminars in total were completely available to attendees. Fund Raising Day in New York was presented in the following segments: Advanced Fundraising Corporate and Foundation Giving Direct Response Marketing Essential Basics of Fundraisi

CES 2019: The Year of Virtual Assistants, 5G and Cool Tech

It’s a highly caffeinated, buzzworthy, event that keeps you wanting more. Each year, 70,000 exhibitors and over 180,000 attendees descend on Las Vegas to attend the long-standing Consumer Electronic Show (CES). This massive event hosts presentations of new products and technologies from companies big and small. Here are a few tech trends that will have an impact of consumers, business, and brands. 5G, the next-generation cellular network Wireless technology has become essential to our daily lives, and it’s about to get exponentially better. 5G is the next big evolution – set to deliver faster connections and the ability to handle much greater data volume. This could mean reinvention in business, from innovation in R&D to new ways of communication. For example, in retail, this could mean making every moment shoppable – from interactive packaging to smart supermarkets. Smart Tech has gotten Smarter From Whirlpool’s smart kitchen that helps you plan your meals on a touch

The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You: BIC-sters women at Women + Media Career Summit!

The Women + Media Career Summit opened with a speech from Anne del Castillo, Acting Commissioner of New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment. She talked about the robust amount of media and entertainment produced in New York City, is the home to major publishers, American broadcast networks, global advertising agencies, record labels, and newspaper. However, the female representative is still lagging – a 2017 study founded that “in the top 110 popular films, only 31% speaking characters were female, just over 7% were directed by women,  10% written by women” and women only compromise of “just less than 1/3 of all creators working in network programs and streaming programs.” So, what can we do about that? Women + Media Career Summit invites C-suite women from Hearst , CBS, Nilsen, Warner Media to discuss their career journeys and their secrets to success to inspire and encourage the young women in the audience pursuing a career in media.  Kate Lewis, Chi