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The One Show's HAATBP

HAATBP (Here Are All The Black People) is a space for talent to be found, developed and molded, where students and creative professionals advance their careers. This was my second year at attendance at the HAATBP conference. This year's event was particularly outstanding. At a different location, it was a bigger space with a huge turnout. I got to meet people from all levels in the industry including a lot of familiar faces. Amongst those were recruiters I had met previously, mentors I aspire to be like, and of course some BICsters! Committed to driving change in the industry, HAATBP hosts recruiters from many agencies and industry professionals that care and are there to answer any questions you may have or even take your resume if interested in an open position. This year the BIC program had their very own table where Rebecca led the conversation on what exactly is the BIC Program and what it is all about. With a passion for diversifying the industry, tabling at HAATBP was