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THE 3% CONFERENCE NEW YORK by Alexander Dean Thursday, May 8th @ 6pm – Ogilvy, New York Why do outdated misconceptions about the ever-changing market still prevail and put women in the 3% corner? If 96% of advertising is targeted towards women, then why the creative power only consists of this near-invisible number of female positioning in creative directors roles? These were two of the main questions that triggered THE 3% CONFERENCE at Ogilvy and provided its founder Kat Gordon with a full throttle start into this highly controversial subject matter that shouts out for social change and female inclusion in a work force designed to attract women participants. Kat brought this even to New York as part of a series of “road shows” appearing in major cities across the country and educating its audiences on how can we make change. One of the most provocative pieces presented during Kat Gordon’s introduction was the Mad Women video (YouTube link below), which centers around women in top cr

Highlights of Adweek 2013

The Connected World It was an energetic and vibrant environment at the New York Times Center Stage during one of the morning sessions of the Advertising Week conference held which took place from September 23-27. The connected world, starring Shelly Palmer, host "Shelly Palmer Digital Living" outlined how technology is quickly becoming adapted to everyday activities and lives. Participants were shown an exclusive video of a virtual connected home, shopping center, and workplace, it showcased demonstrations of how consumers are changing,  using connected devices in various facets of their lives. Participants were exposed to terms like the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (MtoM)—terms used to describe how devices have become more connected than ever before. Finally, session participants were advised to learn how to integrating marketing and advertising in the connected space.  Mobile Matters in a Multiscreen World  This session presented c