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New York Festivals 2015 | #NYFA2015

During The New York Festivals 2015, I had the privilege of not only attending but personally co-producing a panel for the creative sessions on behalf of the Advertising Women of New York entitled "The Madwomen Who Will Change Our Future" featuring:  Cynthia Carrasco, FCBC Health Lauren Connoly, BBDO Katelyn Johnson, Arnold Worldwide Michele Kunken, KBS+ Rosemarie Ryan, co:collective  As working professionals and students both pursuing our Masters' degrees in creative + communications, my colleague and I understand how extremely competitive the industry can be first hand and how difficult it is to not only break in but remain in the field as well. We felt this this not only rang true for us but would resonate with aspiring professionals and those who are trying to attract and retain talent, alike. It was this universal truth that inspired the vision of the content, therefore we decided the conversation should focus on how the creative field has evolved

Social Media Week 2015 | #SMW15

Social Media Week 2015 was packed with amazing content from using social as professional trumpet for your personal brand + career building to engaging non profit clients via digital storytelling in just one short week. Attending sessions evolution of social media overall provided a fresh perspective and outlook in addition to best social media practices and trends to date. My favorite panel of the entire week entitled "Activism in the Social Age" presented by Black Enterprise provided a revolutionary outlook on how to utilize social media can be used for good to advocate, rally and activate support around social causes and movements. This panel was especially relevant with such racial injustices dramatically surfacing the U.S. from Trayvon Martin to Freddie Gray and provided a very engaging platform to discuss the best methods to use during crucial time of need for financial and emotional support for protestors participating in peaceful rallies thought the country. 

REMIX NYC: Culture, Technology & Entrepreneurship

This past September I had the pleasure of attending REMIX NYC  – a 3 day conference on culture, technology and entrepreneurship held at the offices of Google, Bloomberg, and the MOMA. The three days were filled with incredible speakers across all three categories; there were inspiring speeches from the founders and digital leads of major cultural such as the Brooklyn Arts Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, roundtable discussions featuring the founders of small startup incubators to massive companies such as Youtube, and critical advice from entrepreneurs and entrepreneurially focused companies, such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In hindsight, the conference felt like half sales pitch, half inspiring lecture. But what really stuck with me was the sense of urgency needed to bring our cultural institutions (especially our museums) into the digital age, and the growing importance of digital technology to encourage and foster a culture of entrepreneurialism in our society.

The State of African American Males in Senior Level Position in the Advertising Industry

May 2015 will be a total of 18 months that I’ve spent at the City College of New York taking part in the BIC Masters program as a Creative. During my time in the program I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a number of full service advertising agencies and I’ve observed something extremely disturbing in the communications industry; a lack of African American males with global senior leadership positions. This being the case, it was only right that I attend the long awaited round table conversation regarding the state of African American males in the communication industry. The Chairman & CEO of the LAGRANT Foundation, Kim Hunter along with Burson Marsteller’s Worldwide Vice Chair, Patrick Ford, hosted the round table. In attendance were a number of other industry execs along with a long list of African American males presently working in the industry at various Ad/PR agencies. The disturbing part was, of all of the execs in attendance none looked like me.   Clearly, t

The Shift in African Storytelling

As part of the Social Media Week 2015, the NYU Kimmel Center hosted a panel discussion on the topic “The Seismic Shift in African Storytelling in 140 Characters or less”. An opportunity to discuss issues, benefits and challenges pertaining to the explosion of social media on the African continent.   In a friendly atmosphere, a panel of five African social media activists was invited to discuss the matter with a dozen of media and communications professionals with a solid knowledge of communication issues on the continent. It is for this reason that I was invited. Significant disparities in the sub-Saharan region In less than a decade, Africa -especially the sub-Saharan region- has gone from being largely unconnected to the internet to having millions of people using it. The entire panel agreed on the conclusion that this key change has created two kinds of Sub-Saharan Africans in terms of media and communications: the haves and the have-nots . Until recently, access t

Re:Think 2015: Where Leaders Ignite Growth

Every year, the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) holds its Re:Think Conference, sharing the latest industry-related groundbreaking studies, tools and technology. But the 2015 conference was special: fellow classmate Edmund Balogun and I submitted a proposal and were selected to present at the conference! What was the topic, you ask? Storytelling (one of my personal favourites!). While I loved the experience of actually being a speaker at the conference (and after attending a few of the sessions, I learned that storytelling was something many of the speakers could work on), what was interesting to observe was the difference between this conference and other marketing conferences like Advertising Week. Re:Think 2015 was intense and heavily research based - so if data and research is your thing, this conference is definitely the one to attend! Some of my favourite moments/takeaways included: Learning about the ABC's of marketing. A = Audience. You have to really understand your

The 3% Conference

The 3% Conference is a two day conference founded in San Francisco to support more female creative leadership in the advertising world. Rapidly growing since its launch date in 2012, the conference has boomed into an anticipated event in the industry, especially among female marketers. It now also hosts various conferences throughout USA and Europe and the initiative lives within multiple social platforms, an annual student scholarship fund, awards, and blog. I had the pleasure of attending this event not only as a woman in the industry, but also as one of the top ten student scholarship winning teams with my fellow BIC classmate, Nehal Mahmoud. The 2014 Student Scholarship Fund encouraged students to participate in a creative challenge, granting the top 10 winners to win: a pair of tickets to The 3% Conference in San Francisco a $250 travel stipend per participant a private lunch on Day 1 of the Conference where leaders from scholarship sponsor, Adobe, provided student po

Advertising Week - The Next Generation of Creative Leadership

My background is in advertising account management. I started as a junior account executive working on accounts such as LG mobile, SanDisk, Foodsaver, New York Organ Donor Network, and Goldman Sachs. Within a year, I was promoted to account executive. In account management, half my job involved executing my own initiatives. The other half involved managing team projects. Even as a junior, I had a heavy hand in managing projects and managing people, not just myself. In my current role as a copywriter, I get very few opportunities to manage others. It's understandble, though, because my current job is more about generating and executing ideas. For most junior- to mid-level creatives, management is not a requirement (unless it's personal management). But here's the interesting thing, once a creative gets to the creative director level, they are required to lead teams. Thus, there's a conflict. How does a new creative director learn how to effectively manage others
Adweek 2014 I think Adweek is the most comprehensive conference in Advertising&Marketing. It is almost a booth camp for advertising. Your thinking and understanding about Advertising changes after each talk. I have attended more than 10 talks but I will write about the one that really impressed me that I can't still forget about it. Subject:   Why Winning on Mobile is about Behavior, Not Technology The topic of the talk was about how mobile has changed the way we behave as people and as human, how it has changed our behavior through out life and as a result marketers needs to take those new behaviors into consideration while they are doing there marketing choices.  The conference was build on personas and talking on some examples of how mobile changed their behaviors. the speaker was saying how mobile phones really became a part of their lives more than just a product, it even changed how we consume our time, solve problems and our behaviors.  He also talked ab

STORYTELLING AND THE HUMAN INTERACTION ----- SMW 2015 - Reimagining Human Connectivity

Social Media Week 2015 -  REIMAGINING HUMAN CONNECTIVITY The session was a great implementation of the following: 1- Funny approach which is a great ice-breaker and put the audience in the perfect mood to absorb the topic. 2- Personal storytelling, very detailed, emotional, pets, laughters and drama.  3- Interacting with the audience, everyone had to connect personally with the story. 4- Questions and feedback, the speakers did acknoweldge the great feelings which is a lesson to brands to share consumer's feelings and experiences.  5- Wrapping up, fingering out what people didn't real did, they liked how the story with told and they really connected with it, they also loved how the speaker (Brands) created this atmosphere of interaction between the audiences  and encouraged them to engage and communicate with each other. As the future of the storytelling is changing, the human aspect of it is appearing more and now people want to connect emotionally with

Silicon Harlem 2 Year Anniversary Conference

The first conference I ever attended in my home borough is called Silicon Harlem.  Prior to attending I had some knowledge of what to expect of the conference - digital, tech, well dressed people, and the like.  I was wrong.  Umm.  Sort of.  It was about tech; it was about the digital age (I mean what's a conference these days without that kind of talk right?); and there were tons of well-dressed people.   Guest Speakers Brandon Kessler; Scott Saylers & Silicon Harlem Founders  However, what I didn't anticipate was the amount of pretty girls that were going to be in attendance.  WOW! So many of them! They were everywhere.  Lol!  No, seriously what I didn't anticipate was leaving the conference completely inspired.  You see, a lot of what was discussed at the conference dealt with the integration of technology in the continuously budding Harlem landscape, specifically in shops, restaurants, and other businesses that have transformed their custom