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An insightful PRSA Tri-State Conference of 2018

The PRSA Tri-State Conference is an annual one-day conference on various segments that include public relations, marketing, and communications by PR professionals from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Now granted, this conference is a PR conference, but anybody can gain valuable information when attending. Many top brands and companies had spoken, including Goldman Sacs, Ben and Jerry's, Pfizer, Vayner Media, and much more. The environment was friendly, comfortable, and humorous. Although there was a lot of real world insight in the PR industry, it was said in a relaxed and conversational manner, easy to understand. The conference was very inviting with Q and A's at the end of each segment discussed. A sure bonus was to network, have breaks, free WIFI, food, drinks, and again, food.   AI Killed the PR Star:   Now evolving technology can definitely seem like a scary thing, but when grabbing the reins on that horse, the ride will be just fine. Interesting analogy, yes, true