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Leadership Lab: Master of Storytelling & Influence

As a part of their Leadership Lab series in 2017, the ARF introduced the hands-on course Master of Storytelling & Influence. The objective of the workshop was to talk about why stories matter, how to define them, how to assess audience and situation, and how to better visualize insights so they have an impact during a creative pitch. The day was split into 3 sections. Scott McDonald, President & CEO of the ARF, opened the workshop with an introduction to the history of storytelling in our society and, particularly, as a marketing tool. He talked about how storytelling can help translate and simplify complex data by giving it Motive, Action and Personification. He also gave examples of the power of storytelling by compering two brands from the same category, for instance, Apple and Microsoft. The first has a compelling brand story and personality while the second is only viewed as a product. Christopher ended his section by sharing some tricks of trade, such as