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Conferences provide THE stage to showcase talent and new ideas!

Conferences provide THE stage to showcase talent and new ideas... ... and the NYC Media lab 2016 was no exception. This one day conference set its sights high in the areas of, talent, innovation and entrepreneurial development. I particularly enjoyed the flow of events and demos that we, as attendees were able to interact with and experience. With fantastic speakers like Euan Robertson (Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of NYCEDC), and Jim Bankoff (Chairman & CEO of Vox Media); we are catapulted into a scene of epic brainstorming, refreshing ideas and most importantly insight into what people are doing and how they are achieving it. This is major information for those of us who are interested and eager to learn how to make our own footprints.  According to the NYC Media lab twitter account there were over 1600 RSVP's, over 100 demos, workshops and presentations to be expected. Sure enough there was a full audience in attendance. Jim Banko


Earlier this month, former BICster Nehal and myself attended the "She Knows Now " an intensive leadership, networking and mindfulness event focused on the next generation of women in leadership.  The summit was attended by more than 200 women from diverse background and cultural heritage   featuring dynamic highly curated panels, workshops, mentorship and networking opportunities for the inspirational multi-faceted millennial woman. The theme of the Summit was the "Hero's Journey" based on the philosophy of Joseph Campbell that unpacks how heroes are made.While some women are fighting to get on the path of their dreams, or trying to figure out how they fit in this complex world, others have already found and answered their calling. The tracks and workshops provided were divided in 2 groups: the general and advanced track (Level Up + ) Nehal and I were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to attend the advance track (Level UP+ work

Maximizing Mobile Creative 2016

         On September 22nd, The ARF held an event with prestigious industry speakers who shared their knowledge and best practices on maximizing mobile creative, one of the 21st century must if you want to keep up with today's fast changing landscape.          The conference started with analysis and insights of mobile advertising that speaks to consumers. It was surprising and interesting to know that only 38% of ads are customized to platforms, even though it is extremely important to do so in order to achieve an effective campaign. The session highlighted how people behave in an age of communication through the use of technology. Have you ever wondered how any hours a day you spend texting? How many Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts do you send a week? Would you be able to cut all social media and all social apps from your phone? As Ben Jenkins, Founder and CEO of Sympler, said: "We are in a perpetual state of conversation". Indeed, we are. We are not only


By Marta Mugica - September 26th, 2016 Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the NYC Media Lab 2016. The NYC Media Lab is dedicated to driving innovation, entrepreneurship and talent development. This was a great experience where I was able to witness the best minds, projects and amazing talent in digital media. The conference was divided into multiple sections, and I could see how professionals, startups, and even students with much potential, connect digital media with technology. Innovation is about reinventing and restructuring to deliver value to our audience. At the end of the day, these exciting inventions are going to help us to be more efficient and effective on a daily basis. “These inventions can change people's lives and make them easier”, says Orin Herskowitz, of Columbia Technology Ventures. He also explains that in order to offer this value to our audience we need to understand them, perform research and gather information. “Data is tremendous

Innovation, Passionate Storytelling, and INTENSE Knowledge

NYC Media Lab  Mark Arem 9/22/16   Innovation, passionate storytelling, and INTENSE knowledge. That is what I saw and felt at the NYC Media Lab conference today. Having no idea what to expect from the event, I was thrilled to find a wonderful breakfast spread that set the tone for an absolutely tremendous day. The conference began on a triumphant note with a marvelous keynote address by Jim Bankoff, Chairman & CEO of Vox Media. He couldn’t have addressed the crowd in a more fitting manner when he exclaimed, “It is a pleasure to be here with fellow media nerds.” Bankoff immediately connected with the audience, and wove a masterful story about the digital media landscape, and how he felt digital media would progress in the future. Bankoff used Vox Media as the content of his story, speaking of its humble beginnings as a blog for the Oakland A’s, to the eight diverse media brands it showcases today. Bankoff shared his core beliefs regarding successful med