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Social Good Summit | Andrea Baez

After a decade of the Mashable event that happened on 92nd Street where leaders of the world talked about global warming, the United Nations Foundation organized a new kind of summit to do an emergency call out. The main message: the time of talking is gone, now is the time of action. Social Good Summit brought together speakers from different fields to talk about how important it is to take action and how each of us can do it. Climate justice has become a mainstream thing.   But beyond the trend, climate change is now an existential threat and a hard challenge for future generations. The problem is that the majority of the people, even aware and concerned about climate change, think that someone else will save them. The ones who are taking the lead in this fight are women and children. The perspective of young people is critical. Kids nowadays are more enthusiastic about the environment than adults. They are doing it because they don’t have any other choice. It’s great to have