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#Sponsored Posts: What are best practices? | Diana Friedman

Hi BICsters, I took a business law class over the summer through the CUNY School of Professional Studies and wrote my final paper on the regulations surrounding native ads / influencer marketing / sponsored ads (whatever name you like use...). I learned a lot and figured I'd post the paper below in case any of you are curious about this topic, either related to your jobs or BIC assignments. It's a bit long (since the paper had a page requirement :) ), so if you want a short recap,  you can read the conclusion section at the end. Take care! Diana Native Advertising in a Digital Context: Exploring Endorsement Disclosure on Social Media The majority of Americans (about 7 in 10) are on some form of social media today (Pew Research Center). People use social media for a variety of reasons: to stay in touch with friends, to get news, to learn about topics or brands they care about, and more. One quick scroll through anyone’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other socia