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Jay-Z Introduces Tidal

Tidal, the newest venture for Jay-Z in order to empower artists and limit the power of channels such as Youtube and Spotify. How much power, ownership, and control does an artist have? In this digital world of infinite information it is difficult to maintain control over your produced work. Recording artists depend on their music to maintain a financially stable life. Advertising, sponsoring, and promotions sometimes makes it difficult for an artist to remain the boss of their work.  Channels such as Youtube empowers recording artists, yes, but is it damaging in the long run? This is what rapper, entrepreneur, and entertainer Jay-Z is trying to challenge. His idea that music isn't free. Music is the bread and butter for artists so is it fair that we download their work for free? A student posed a question for Jay-Z where the idea that music should be free was brought up. His reply was, "did you ever buy water before?" It is somewhat controversial that certain a