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4A’s 2019 CreateTech Conference

As the world becomes a more technology driven place, what a better time to participate in a tech conference than now? On Tuesday, February 5th, along with a few other BICsters, I attended the 2019 4A’s CreateTech Conference at Convene in Lower Manhattan. Having recently started a job doing communications in the IT department, I thought it would be interesting to attend - both for professional and academic reasons. The overarching theme for the day was innovation, with Marla Kaplowitz, President and CEO of the 4A’s, noting that “Innovation is critical for survival. Period.” This statement stood out to me because without innovation, we would not be where we are today in the digital and technical landscape. Companies are constantly working on how to better use technology to their advantage, in ways that will enable them to create better products and experiences for consumers. On the flip side, however, no one really likes change - as was evidenced during the quick exercise emcees

4A's Create Tech

4A’s Create Tech Conference Recap Hedda Davidsen A virtual hair salon, a Latvian revolutionary rock band and some dim sum, Tuesday February 5 th was no ordinary day for me. I made my way to the Convene conference center to attend 4A’s Create Tech – a day filled with keynote speakers, workshops, panels and networking. The day started with Marla Kaplowitz, the President and CEO of 4A’s, welcoming us and sharing some opening remarks. After her, Tim Leake and Charlie Oliver framed the day for us by letting us know what was lying ahead. At one point Leake asked the room if we like change. Less than a handful of people raised their hand and said yes. He then proceeded to ask us if we think change is good, to which almost everyone in the room answered “yes, change is good”. “I want you to get up and change seats” he told us. Sighs where heard throughout the room, because people where already comfortable with where they were sitting. Nevertheless, everyon

NYWIC Student Conference Recap 2018

This past November, I had the pleasure of attending the New York Women in Communication Student Conference at New York University. Each year, the New York Women in Communications hosts a day-long conference, featuring over 30 communications professionals speaking on 10 different topics. Hundreds of students attend to get career tips on various aspects in the communication fields, ranging from entrepreneurship to marketing to scholarships and financial wellness.   What I enjoy most about the conference is that its female organization, female-driven and tailored to help young women starting their career out their best for forward in having a successful start and a blooming career for many years to come. I was able to acquire an abundance of new skills, as well as improve the ones I entered with such networking and bordering my network, which lead to a speaker invitation by the end of the event for the upcoming Spring semester at New York University Stren

4A's CreateTech: Innovation, Diversity, and Creativity

On the morning of the 4A’s CreateTech Conference, I was buzzing with nervous energy. Cliché, I know, but how else would you describe a person who spent forty minutes going through a bunch of outfits that were too professional or too causal only to settle on an outfit that wasn’t  too  professional or   too  casual? But, as I was saying, I was buzzing with nervous energy, yet underneath all of my nerves was excitement—maybe a little too much excitement. When I showed up to the venue at 7:30, I expected to see a long line filled with equally excited industry professionals, instead what I found was a room filled with event coordinators who quickly told me that I was the first person to arrive. So, I waited—luckily not too long. Half an hour later, the excited industry professionals that I was expecting to see quickly began to fill up the room. Of course, the first thing I noticed was that I spent forty minutes obsessing over my outfit for nothing. The second thing I noticed was that

The best time to build a touchable future-4A's CreateTech

The best time to build a touchable future 4A's CreateTech conference recap February 5,2019    It’s such a pleasure to attend 4A’s Create Tech conference that was held by the American Association of Advertising Agencies on Feb 5th in Financial District, New York. “ To foster, strengthen and improve the advertising agency business, to advance the cause of advertising as a whole; and to aid member agencies in operating more efficiently and profitably by aiding member agencies with industry expertise..” is always the goal of 4A’s. The conference aims to bring information and conversation about the creative possibilities of advanced digital technologies and platforms. Creative technologists and leaders in advertising, marketers and other accomplished creative minds brought an in-depth discussion of a new imperative revolution of innovation. The conference divided into three sections and officially started with the opening speech of 4A’s CEO and President Maria Kaplowitz a